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JFC Engineers and Surveyors

Abandoned Mine Lands (AML)

JFC has been continuously and actively involved in Wyoming mine subsidence issues and projects in Rock Springs, in excess of 42 years, beginning with the catastrophic event in the Mountain Fuel area in 1968 (Pennsylvania Avenue, Connecticut Avenue, Rhode Island Avenue); the surface reclamation of mine sites located in the Rock Springs, Lyon-kol, Superior, Winton, and Reliance areas in the early 1980s; and then continuing in 1988 to date through the AML 6A-III and 6A-VII grouting projects.  As a result of this continuing AML work, JFC has been able to retain an AML staff that possesses over 50 years of combined mitigation experience and the institutional memory and field documentation that accompany this experience.

JFC offers an informed perspective with regard to evaluating subsidence mitigation work.  Furthermore, with our knowledge of all the various areas that were undermined in Rock Springs, which includes the overlying geology, type and completeness of surroundings prior mitigation efforts, historical reports of subsidence, and any other contemporaneous information that determines the stability of an area, we continue to offer thorough, up-to-date, first-hand knowledge of the issues and the required background information needed to make the desired informed assessments.

Our involvement in the various assessments and stabilization programs in Rock Springs since AML’s initial involvement in 1988 allows JFC to be near the top of the learning curve regarding any past or future subsidence issues and abatement.

The success of JFC’s mitigation efforts can be measured by the low number of subsidence reoccurrences in the previously treated areas.  In areas where occurrences do occur, those areas are then re-evaluated and further mitigation efforts are developed.  The drilling and grouting techniques developed over many years continue to pass the critical test of time.