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JFC Engineers and Surveyors

Commercial Development

JFC has been a partner with local industry to develop site design to meet the needs of the industrial or commercial developer.

Developing a site plan to meet Sweetwater County or City of Rock Springs requirements means the developer needs a design professional that understands local regulations; including site design, zoning, setbacks, size, and design requirements.

JFC has recently completed several commercial and industrial sites to meet these standards. JFC leads the developer through the design process, from conception through construction utilizing our group of 35 employees specializing in Civil and Geotechnical Engineering, Surveying, CAD Drafting Specialists, and Geology.

JFC assisted with design and/or construction on several commercial sites in Rock Springs, including :

Silverado Business Park Depot
Home Depot
John Paras Furniture
Hampton Inn
Wingate Inn
Sonic Drive-In

Industrial projects include :

Air Liquide
Stinger Wellhead
Francis Drilling Fluids
Patterson Bronco Oil Field Services