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JFC Engineers and Surveyors

Road Design and Construction Management

Sweetwater County Road 4-15
Sweetwater County Road 4-15 is a circumferential route to access additional coal mining, the Town of Superior, and gravel pits in the Point of Rocks area.  A private entity retained JFC to upgrade the existing road base road to an engineered 4.5-inch asphalt paved road.  JFC utilized geo fabric in swampy areas and performed design, construction management, and materials testing on the 1.7-mile long road.  The road was built to Sweetwater County Road standards.

City of Rock Springs - M Street Enhancement Project
Downtown Rock Springs

The M Street Enhancement Project entailed design of a more aesthetic looking approach to the existing Union Pacific Railroad underpass.  The original underpass was built by the City in the 1940s and the approach and bridge had deteriorated over the last 70 years.  Slope paving, old sidewalk, fencing, and curb and gutter were replaced with engineering stamped and painted concrete retaining walls.  The dilapidated fencing was replaced with rod-iron fencing.  Decorative lighting, a spring feature, and decorative slope paving were also included in the Project.  The entire length of the street was replaced with reinforced concrete paving.  The existing bridge was aesthetically repaired and painted.  The Union Square overhead sign was added as an entrance to the downtown area.


Private Access Road – Cement Treated Base with Recycled Asphalt Paving
Sweetwater County Length – 5.5 Miles

JFC has successfully completed the design of a 5.5-mile stretch of Cement Treated Base road in Sweetwater County, Wyoming.  The existing road was in extremely poor condition because of insufficient drainage, poor asphalt, and base material.  Design of this Project consisted of analyzing the existing base and asphalt material to determine the proper mix design for the new road.  Since the Project consisted of varying depths of existing asphalt, some of the asphalt was milled off to achieve the optimum amount of recycled asphalt paving (RAP) in the finished product.  Once the in place material was analyzed, a proper mix design consisting of type and quantity of cement, depth of reclamation, and water quantities were developed.  JFC personnel performed all the construction management, materials testing and quality control for the project.