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ALTA Survey


ALTA (American Land Title Association) surveys are usually ordered from the owner or lender prior to sale, transfer or refinance of a property.  A title report is included with the request along with a standard ALTA checklist requesting the items required for each project.  ALTA surveys are very detailed and time consuming to execute and complete.  Each project commences with careful pre-survey planning and research to ensure that all the required information is identified prior to the actual field survey.  Utilities and easements are identified, located and surveyed.  CAD drawings are prepared from the survey that depicts all researched and surveyed information.  Each easement or item of public record from the title report is listed on the drawing with its survey detail or an explanation of its status.

Site surveys are similar in nature to ALTA surveys but with less specific detail and without the aid of a preliminary title report.  They are generally ordered by engineers or architects for design purposes prior to construction of or enhancements to existing structures.  Site surveys are generally preceded by a boundary survey of the property.  All recorded easements are researched and actual utilities are located in the field.  Existing features and conditions are surveyed to obtain the specific detail and information upon the project area.  Most also require a topography survey toobtain the terrain characteristics and elevations for civil site design.  Like an ALTA survey CAD drawings are prepared that depicts the specific detailed information and topography obtained from the field survey.