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JFC Engineers and Surveyors

Oil and Gas


Surveys for energy development are specific to each project.  An overwhelming majority of those are for activities related to oil and gas extraction.  JFC has literally surveyed thousands of well locations for oil   and gas exploration.  With this extensive experience , JFC is very knowledgeable of both state and federal rules and regulations regarding oil and gas development surveying.    

A typical well location is located within a public land survey section at specified footages or coordinates.  The well center is first located and surveyed at the precise footages from the nearest identified and located public land survey monuments.  Often times an operator will supply a window that the well location can be relocated to best conform to the surrounding terrain.  Once the best location is determined and surveyed it is then followed by a topography survey and staking of the pad and pit.  A preliminary access road is flagged and routed to the nearest improved road.  Drawings and exhibits are prepared to show the well location within the public land survey section, topography maps with proposed access, well pad details, cross-sections, and written travel directions the proposed site.

 Mineral exploration surveys are specific to each project.  JFC has provided surveying services for surface mining at the Jim Bridger Mine east of Rock Springs.  All of our personnel have MHSA safety training for surface mining.  Surface mine surveys typically are performed to calculate various quantities, overburden, reclamation, and minerals.  Typical surveying services includes layout of core and drill holes as expansion progresses.  Our personnel have also provided surveying support for mine access road design and layout, as well as conveyor layouts.