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JFC Engineers and Surveyors



JFC's experience on route surveys runs deep on an extensive number of projects.  Route surveys consist of roads, pipelines, power lines and utilities.  Many times these type of surveys are referred to as corridor or right-of-way surveys.  Our surveyors specialize in route surveys of all types.  JFC has surveyed pipelines ranging from those of a few hundred feet to those of many hundreds of miles in length.  In addition, we have extensive as-constructed pipeline experience, which involves surveying the actual location of the pipeline both horizontally and vertically as placed in the trench.  This procedure is required for any DOT regulated pipeline project.

Our survey personnel also have extensive experience surveying power lines for right-of-way, design and construction.  Included are power lines for both high-voltage transmission and distribution.  JFC has had an ongoing relationship with the local power company for surveys of distribution power projects planned in southwest Wyoming.  Our previous experience also includes major transmission power projects with 230 kV and 345 kV line voltages.  Most projects consist of right-of-way, design and construction surveying.

 JFC's projects for roads include those for private access, mineral development, local and state governments, including the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WyDOT).  Survey requirements have covered the entire spectrum of surveys – preliminary route, right-of-way, design and construction surveying.  For WyDOT', we have performed several projects for right-of-way and ownership delineation and final right-of-way monumentation.