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Construction Materials Testing and Inspection

JFC offers a full array of Construction
Materials Testing (CMT) and inspection services. CMT services include fieldtesting, laboratory testing, and specialty testing. Inspection services include foundation preparation, rebar, masonry, high-strength bolting, and specialty inspections such as drilled shafts and piling.

Materials that are field-tested include
soils, aggregates, cementitious materials, and bituminous materials. QC/QA testing of soils and aggregates primarily consists of in-place density testing and moisture content to ensure proper compaction of these materials during placement. During laydown, bituminous materials are field-tested for temperature and compacted to help establish rolling speed and patterns and to ensure proper placement. JFC has the capability to field-test a wide range of cementitious materials: high strength, normal, and lightweight concrete, grout, and mortar. Tests for these materials include slump, total air content, yield, temperature, and unit weight.

Materials tested in our laboratory include soils, aggregates, and cementitious materials. JFC can perform a wide range of laboratory tests on soils to support both our field-testing and Geotechnical Engineering operations. Tests include standard and modified proctor, gradation, Atterberg Limits, permeability, consolidation, swell potential, and many more. Laboratory tests of aggregates include proctors, specific gravity, and loose unit weight. Cementitious materials are tested in the lab for strength, specific gravity, and mix design. JFC also has the capability to conduct specialty testing for non-cementitious grout such as expansion, shrinkage, and creep. JFC can perform testing on CMU blocks and prisms and soilcement mixtures. Other specialty tests can be arranged by request.

JFC’s testing technicians are qualified to perform moisture density testing on soils and are experienced in the correct methods for placing earth fills. JFC is an American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Accredited Testing and Inspection Agency. Laboratory tests are performed in JFC's Materials Testing Lab by qualified and certified laboratory testing technicians, including a WYDOT certified testing technician for aggregate, concrete, and asphalt. Test results are prepared, checked for accuracy, and submitted promptly.